Thursday, June 7, 2012

1997 Honda Protege: Replace Wiper Transmission?

How to replace Wiper Transmission on Honda vehicle.

The Wiper holding link has to come out to replace wiper transmission.

This part costs about $120 to $150.

Depends upon Brand and store.

Its not that difficult to replace wiper transmission.A basic Auto repair and parts replace knowledge will help.
It will take approx 1.5Hrs to replace the part.

The complete parts dis-assembly and re-installing procedure with diagrams is shown below:-----

Replacing the wiper transmission (aka WIper Link) is not that bad of a job at all. The link is accessed by removing the cowl grill at the base of the windshield.

-Remove the windshield wiper arm and blade.
-Remove the cowl grille.
-Pry off the connection between the windshield wiper motor and windshield
wiper link.
-Remove in the order indicated in the table.
-Install in the reverse order of removal.
-Connect the windshield wiper link to the windshield wiper motor.
-Install the cowl grille.
-Install the windshield wiper arm and blade.
-Adjust the windshield wiper arm and blade.

See the detailed help diagram shown below:------

windshield link

This will help.

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