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2002 Toyota Yaris Handbrake Adjustment

If you are just trying to adjust the lever itself and the rear brakes work fine with the pedal, you will need to remove the center console trim and you will see the adjustment nuts about 8 inches from the handle assembly itself.

If you are attempting to adjust the rear drum brakes themselves, this is a bit different.

Toyota Yaris parking brake sticking/HAND BRAKE STUCK UP OR JAMMED.

  • The hand brake handle will go all the way down like it has release but while drive the brakes are dragging. You can also pull up on the handle and it feels that there is no resistance to it. If you just sit and wait for a couple minutes it was make a pop sound and then the brake is release. 

This indicates that there is something wrong with the cable. Or problem with the spring.

Yes this is noticed by others too.

  • Springs break or get weak, they don't stick in one position and then release with "a pop sound". Lubing the spring isn't going to fix your problem. If something is not moving as it should, it's probably one (or both) of the cables but some investigation is in order though to see if the problem is in the cables or in one of the rear brakes.

  • Im having the same problem with my standard  yaris too.It seems that the parking cable works fine but the rear brakes are sticking and are still stuck.... 
  • You need to  un-stick them to get the drum off?
  • Use a hammer to hit the rear drums to make them unstick.
Use a rubber mallet. The car is not driveable at all because the rear brake linings are stuck to the drum.


Hitting with the rubber mallet did not release the stuck brake, so i cut the cable which was seized and now all is good again... all i need to do is get a new cable installed when i do a brake service.
with age water could find its way into the sleeve holding that cable. Might be worth a shot or 2 of cable lube.

Please Note:---
Cutting the cable will not affect the hydraulic brake action at all. 

When you will cut the cable , it will snap. It will snap hard,that can hurt your hand.In that case you can stuff rags around the cable where you cut it so that it will only pull back rather than whip around. The distance the cut end will travel is only an inch or two; you can estimate this by looking at the brake lever arm on the caliper- it can only rotate a small amount. The cable will also unstretch.

One more option is to use screwdriver to release the cable.It will need some force.
The screwdriver unhooking the ratchet. In that case You might have to pull up on the handle once again to be able to get the teeth disengaged.

See the Handbrake image shown below:-----

handbrake assembly
I had the same problem and this solved my issue:----
The  handbrake stuck on and rear calipers froze.

I got some warm water, and pour on both calipers, kept tapping the brakes and after about 10 mins voila the handbrake was un-stuck.
The best advise is 
 jack the car up and clean the handbrake cable.
Inspect the handbrake cable.If its worn out and loose then it has to be replaced.But if its intact and tight,then proper cleaning of handbrake cable will solve the problem.


HE followed my advise,
He jacked up the car.Then  removed the back wheels and the spring on the rear brakes.This both parts were  stuck hard  and filled with grit.So he removed this parts out and  cleaned it up and added a nice spray of wd40, to the spring, not discs or pads, and its been fine since.

This details will help.

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