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2004 Dodge Ram: Transmission Not Working?

Solution For repairing Transmission Problem.

Vehicle was driving fine.After getting over the bump the vehicle jerked and transmission stopped operating.

The engine whines while start up but tranny will not operate.


First thing to check in this case is Transmission fluid level.
Try this test to confirm the fluid level.

With the engine off remove the dipstick and note the exact fluid level on the stick. It will be substantially over the full mark since the engine isn't running.
Now test the fluid level again ,but this time start the engine for few minutes.Then wait for one more minute.
Then check the fluid level again and see where it's at.

Did the level stay the same? Did it drop?

If in the the first test  vehicle fluid level is at cool level and after starting engine the vehicle fluid level shows at hot fluid level.Then its advisable to get the fluid replaced.

But if fluid level is checked ok and its full then,smell the fluid,is it smelling burnt or is it very dirty fluid.IF yes then also get the fluid changed.Get the transmission system flushed and fluid replaced.The burnt fluid is indication that transmission clutch system is getting worn out.The clutch needs to be inspected.

But if that is also not the case and fluid is clear and not burnt smell.
Then see if you get any steady check engine light ON dash.
If yes then get the error codes scanned.
The code will tell us what part is causing the problem.

But if there is No check engine light on dash.
Then its not error code issue.

In that case test the relays in the fuse box,.If the relay is faulty,it has to be replaced.

In the fuse box under the hood find the trans relay. (relays are the larger black square objects). See the condition of relay,if it looks worn out and blown/shorted then replace it.But if relay looks good then,With the relay out start the truck and see if the trans will engage then or if it still won't move.
If it engages with relay out,then its faulty relay, replace it.

But if with the relay out,the problem is same then reinsert relay where it was.

Now manually try pushing the truck.With the trans in park are you able to push the truck, or do you feel a mechanical lock preventing the truck from moving?
If its transmission problem you will feel that vehicle is hard to push and it feels like locked.

If you feel the vehicle is hard to push with trans is park mode.
Then You've definitely got an internal trans issue of some sort then.

The previous test we did clears that

  • The pump is pulling fluid from the pan, which is a good sign. 
  • It's also a good sign that the fluid isn't burnt, normally if there was clutch damage then the fluid would be burnt.

On this basis it indicates that problem can be like failed clutch, geartrain component or broken/stripped shaft in the transmission.
To confirm the issue further I  recommend is removing the pan and having a look at the accumulator cover.
Remove the cover and inspect the undercover pistons.
On the right side of the valve body there is a steel plate that runs from the front to back, this cover holds all the accumulator pistons in the valve body. The plate is held on with Torx screws and sometimes the screw heads will shear and the plate bends, this allows pistons to come out and you will lose certain clutches depending on what piston falls out. If your underdrive piston falls out then it's not going to move.

If  you notice any of this issues then the repair simply involves removing the valve body and installing a repair kit from your dealer. The kit comes with a piston, seals, screws and the cover.Replacing the parts will solve the issue.

BUT after you remove the accumulator cover and all looks clean and absolutely fine and all pistons are tight intact.Then its not the valve body issue.
If this does look ok then unfortunately the trans will have to be further disassembled to see what has happened. Any internal failure on these is uncommon, but if your fluid isn't burnt at all then if there actually is an internal failure then a geartrain component or shaft seems most likely. Let's hope it's the accumulator cover.
Because the repair cost will be less.
But if its internal issue with transmission mission then cost will be much expensive and proper transmission rebuilt auto shop will be required to get the exact cause detected.

This details will help.

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