Monday, June 25, 2012

PT Cruiser seat belt and retractor Problem?

Airbag light came on.
Scanning shows code pointing issue with Seat belt and retractor.

Cleaning the connector solved issue temporarily
But the issue came back again in few hours of driving.

The drivers side seat belt switch is a normally open, single pole, single throw, plunger actuated, momentary switch. installed on the seat belt retractor frame over the retractor spool. The passenger side seat belt switch is a similar switch located within the buckle mechanism. The seat belt switch includes an integral connector that is connected to the vehicle electrical system through a take out and connector of the body wire harness.
The seat belt switch cannot be adjusted or repaired and, if ineffective or damaged, the entire front seat belt and retractor (drivers side) must be replaced.

Getting the parts replaced at dealership helped to solve the issue.


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