Saturday, December 10, 2011

OldsMobile Aurora Key Fob Reprogramming?

Key fob Programming.Yes its possible.But in some cases the programming dont work.This is due to two reasons.
Either you have not tried the procedure correctly or on your car the manual Key Fob Programming is not supporting.In that case I'm afraid its job for a dealership or a auto locksmith as you need someone with the OBD tools to plug into the car and re-code the key.Also all the keys have to be re-coded at the same time otherwise you'll get the new out of sync with the old.

Now the Key Fob Programming procedure is as follows :----------
First check that the battery in the key-fob is in good condition ( typically needs replacing every 5 years or so).
1) To resynchronize the transmitter, perform the following steps.
2)Hold the transmitter within range of the vehicle.
3)Press and hold the transmitter LOCK and UNLOCK buttons simultaneously for 8 seconds.
4)When the transmitter is synchronized with the vehicle. The horn sounds and the exterior lights flash if the transmitter is programed to do these functions.

This is basic procedure.In most of the cases this helps.But if this procedure is not helping,then there is one more procedure.

In this procedure you will have to connect jumper wire to the KeyFob connections in the data lick connector.The data link connector also known as ECM.The connector where you plug the OBD Scan tool.
This data link connector is located under the driver side of the dash.
Now What you have to do is connect a jumper wire between pins 8 (black/whit wire) and pin 4 (black wire) of the data link connector.

See the diagram show below,that will give you better understanding.

This is a view of the data link connector and In that you you can clearly see what pins are what.Pin number 4 and 8 both are in top line.
1) Now jumper 8 and 4 with a wire.
2) Close all doors.
3) Turn ignition on.The locks will cycle.
4) Press and hold lock and unlock of the transmitter until locks cycle again (up to 30 seconds).
5) Repeat this step with additional transmitters until all transmitters have been programed.
6) When finished, without forget remove jumper wire BEFORE turning key off.
They should now work.

But if still its not working,then problem is major.It has to be reset by dealer scan tool and also the key fob has to be inspected.Get it done by your car dealer.

This basic details will help.Thanks.
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