Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Car will not start security lock out?

This problem is noticed by many car users.
The car will not start due to security system lock out.The security system will not let the car to start or turn over.
It can be issue with the key itself.So first try with another key and check,that its not the key issue.If its the key issue then another key has to be made.

In this case
you cant unlock the doors with the keyfob or you cant start the car with the secuirty key or both? Also in some cases you cannot get in the car and turn the key to on and see a flashing theft indicator?

This option can help you to solve the problem:---
You can call a locksmith and they can come to you if they have the scan tool equiplment to access the Ford Pats Systsem. You can't get around it, you need a second key to perform any type of repair or programming. So call to a few lock locksmiths and see if they have the capability of cutting and reprograming your PATS system. But if that is not helping then car has to be towed and repair at the dealer service center.

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