Sunday, July 21, 2013

Lexus ES 300 power mirror fuse

Power mirror fuse and wiring diagram

Go through This Link for Fuse Box diagram And Component Locations

2001 Lexus ES 300 power mirror fuse and wiring diagram.

How Replacing The Fuse solved The problem

A/C Problem On Lexus:

Problem Solved:

It was the 10a fuse labeled ECM. I never use my seat memory switch so I did not know there was a problem at that point. My AC light would come on but it has been so cold, I did not realize there was a problem. I did notice that whenever I put the climate control on AUTO MODE that the heat was always directed at the floor but that did not click. I have been told that I had a bad switch and bought a new one to no avail. I was told that I had a bad ground so I took off the panels under the steering wheel and looked and got nothing wrong there. I was at the point of taking it to the dealer. Just to probably be charged for an hours work for a little fuse.Replacing the fuse solved the problem completely.