Sunday, July 21, 2013

Jeep Liberty front wheel bearings Removal

Jeep Liberty Seal And Bearing

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Right Side Seal And Bearing Only
  1. Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the Precautions section.
  2. Remove or disconnect the following:

    Negative battery cable
    Right front wheel
    Snapring from the axle
    Axle shaft using remover 8420A and a slide hammer
    Seal, using Remover 7794A and a slide hammer

    Jeep Liberty Shaft Seal Removal

    Fig. Seal removal-Liberty
    Bearing, using Remover 7794A and a slide hammer

To install:
  1. Coat the bearing bore and seal lip with gear oil.
Install or connect the following:
  • New seal, using Installer 8806 and handle C4171, or their equivalents
  • Axle shaft and snapring
  • Halfshaft
  • Front wheel
  • Negative battery cable
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