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Chrysler: Problems & Solutions

Troubleshooting Chrysler Car Problems

Chrysler Concorde LXi



Chryser 2004 Concorde Lxi started 

to 'slip' last week, when starting off from a traffic light. Also, I noticed a slight down-shift while in cruse control on the freeway when going up a small hill 

Transmission fluid changed 150,000 miles ago. Will I need to just have the fluid changed again? I presently have over 330,000 miles on the car.


Well the trans fluid should be replaced at 60 to 90K intervals, so you are WAY overdue for that service. So yes do a fluid and filter change. Now that may help, but if it does not, then you may need to get the transmission overhauled or replaced. 330,000 miles on a transmission is a lot, and the vehicle transmission is getting worn out. But do the service. You may be able to get another 50K out of her.

Chrysler Concorde

2001 Chrysler Concorde Fuel Filter

How many fuel filters  2001 Chrysler Concorde 2.7L has, where are they located and how often they should be changed?

2001 Chrysler Concorde vehicle does not have a fuel filter.Instead of fuel filter  it has a strainer which is built into the pump and is not replaceable.If the strainer is causing the problem,then you will have to replace the complete pump assembly. That will solve the problem.

chrysler sebring

Add ATF Fluid 


2008 Chrysler sebring convertible 2.4L trying to add some aft fluid to the top pump.


The pump motor IS under the spare tire area. Remove the spare tire cover and then the plastic trim panel at the rear of the trunk and you'll find the pump assembly near the trunk latch. The fill plug is on the pump assembly where you can fill it after the leak is repaired. 

PLEASE NOTE: This system does not use ATF, you'll need ARAL VITAMOL ZH-M fluid to top it off after a repair or a leak.

Chrysler Town & Country LX

Steering Column Switch Stuck Up


06 Town & Country LX Accel/Resume switch on the steering is stuck down in the "on" position. This is causing an inability to engage the cruise control.


Basic possibility for Switch to Stuck:

If the switch is stuck it is either because of a mechanical failure of the switch or something stuck in it. I'm assuming you've already made sure nothing is stuck in it that you can view from outside.

For Example: If a sticky liquid like soda or fruit juice was spilled on the switch that would have ran inside and gummed it up and would cause it to stick. One thing you can try, whether there was a spill or not, is try to spray some electrical contact cleaner inside the switch and see if it will free up. The cleaner will hopefully dissolve anything that could be causing it to stick, yet it won't cause further problems like water would.

But If Its Not Helping:
Aside from cleaner and physically trying to pry the switch with something like a small screwdriver, if you are unable to get it to move again then the switch will need to be replaced.May be its worn out and acting like this.

Chrysler Pacifica

Shift Stuck In Park


2005 Chrysler Pacifica and the shift is stuck in the park position. It will not shift out of park


There are few possibilities,that you will have to inspect and confirm first.

With key ON and your hand on the shifter, when you press the brake, can you feel or hear the interlock solenoid operating? Make sure a/c fan and radio is off to help hear the noise from the interlock solenoid.
(When pressing the brake with the key on can you hear or feel the interlock solenoid operating?).

Important Note: On some of these vehicles there is a "plug" covering a hole in the shifter bezel around the shift lever. The bezel also contains the path for the shifter to move. 
Please check if on your chrysler if there is a plug . If you see the plug then you should be able to remove the plug, stick something through the hole to touch a release tab on the shifter, and see if the shifter will move out of park that way. 

Mostly Possible Faults In Such Case:

Most likely you have a failure with the interlock solenoid, interlock cable, or an issue with the shifter itself. If your vehicle has the plug and interlock release tab you should be able to allow operation until you can get your issue resolved.

Things You Can Try:
You can attempt to disconnect the solenoid from the cable and see if it will allow operation. You will need to remove the trim panel below steering column that covers lower section of the dash. Then remove the steering column shrouds that are around the steering column behind the steering wheel. With this trim removed you can see the interlock cable attached to the back of the ignition switch.

If Disconnecting The Shift Cable Is Not Helping:
 If you disconnect the wiring to the cable it should release the interlock solenoid and allow the shifter to be moved. If it still doesn't shift out of park there is a problem with the shifter assembly itself.

See Below The Diagram Showing 
Interlock cable removed from back of ignition switch
Shift cable Disconnected

Chrysler 300

2006 Chrysler 300 Replacement A/c

Required Cheap Compatible A/C Compressor for 2006 Chrysler 300.


There are many junk yards where you can get used and working A/c Compressor units.But it has no guaranty.
But in in your area there is no car junk yard near by or its not possible,then you can go for second hand car parts online.
There are many car parts site who deals with good used or compatible parts,.

Also you can get parts on ebay.com
You can get new compressor for cheap from ebay  here is a link. 

Here is link for buying used one if your trying to save money.

Chrysler Jeep Liberty/Cherokee

EGR Control Valve Problem

List of Problems Noticed On Chrysler Jeep:
Chrysler liberty/cherokee 2.8 automatic diesel. 
  • It idles a little roughly,
  • When brake is applied the rev counter goes to 700 RPM and then back to the normal 750 RPM 
  • It has stalling problem.
  • Yesterday it lost all power after a corner, no acceleration (Turned it off, on again and fine??).
  • It emits black smoke. 
  • The catalytic converter is quite blocked.


First of all confirm if there is check engine light coming up ON dash.If yes scan for codes.The error codes will point out what is issue.

If there is no check engine light coming on, then all problem is indicating towards EGR flow control valve.
This valve may be sticking closed at times especially when coming to a stop. I have replaced this valve (which is like a throttle body) for issues like this.Also a faulty EGR will cause black smoke problems.
Go Through 


Inspect EGR Valve:
I recommend having the EGR flow control valve checked and or replaced. Sometimes just cleaning the soot from it will help. Like I mentioned, it looks like a throttle valve and i's the device that the intake hose from the intercooler connects to. 

Other Possibility Can Be Vacuum Problem:

Yes inspect all of the vacuum lines from the little vacuum pump and the solenoids to the turbocharger waste gate actuator and repair any loose or cracked hoses. 
Why its rare for vacuum issue because ,Usually though when there is a vacuum problem, a check engine light will come on and set a under boost code. But still dont ignore Vaccum Leak Issue.Also check all of the air intake hoses at the intercooler, turbo, and at the EGR flow control valve.

Chrysler Town & Country

Engine Overheats


2004 Chrysler T&C, 3.3L 

engine overheats after driving only  few miles. Already replaced the radiator, the water pump, and the thermostat.


There are few possibilities for engine overheat while driving.
The first place I would start with this is with the cooling fans. Make sure they are coming on when the engine gets hot.You can also turn on the a/c and this should activate the fans.If the fans are not coming ON,then its issue with fan.For that fan motor and fan control relay has to be checked.

But If Fans Come ON and still it overheats
Then inspect does the check engine light come on or the engine run rough?

If its running rough,then inspect the spark plug and ignition cylinder.

Combustion Test:
 Also it's possible that there is a small head gasket leak on any cylinder. The next step should be a combustion test kit to see if combustion gases are coming into the cooling system and causing the over heat.
Also make sure the system is bled properly, 
The radiator is  replaced but if the radiator lines are not bleed properly it can cause such the problem.

If it is a small leak on the cylinder,the best repair will be to replace the head gasket. If the exhaust is getting into the coolant you can't really use any of the sealers to solve the problem.The gasket replacement is the only option.The Haynes manual for your vehicle  should provide details in how to replace it for you. But please make sure do the leak check first however.

Chrysler Sebring

2007 Chrysler Sebring Thermostat


2007 Chrysler Sebring 2.4L engine THERMOSTAT location


On 2007 Chrysler Sebring 2.4L engine model there are two thermostats.
One is Primary thermostat and another is Secondary thermostat.

See the Chrysler Thermostat diagram shown below:
Diagrams with thermostat removal procedure
thermostat chrysler sebring

thermostat location chrysler

This details will help.