Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dodge Steering Column Squeak Repairs

Steering Column Squeaking

For Steering Column Squeak Part 1 Click Here

Steering Column Squeaking Problem Part 2 is as follows:

  1. Disconnect the wiper switch wiring harness connector.
  2. Remove screw A and replace with new screw, p/n 06506514AA, and tighten to 9 N*m (85 in. lbs.). See Figure 2 for screw identification.

  3. Dodge Steering Column System Parts
  4. Repeat step 7 for screws B, C, D, and E respectively.
  5. Connect the wiper switch wiring harness connector.
  6. Install the upper and lower steering column shrouds to steering column. Tighten screws to 2 N*m (17 in. lbs.).
  7. Tighten the steering column mounting nuts to 12 N*m (1 05 in. lbs.).
  8. Position the steering column opening cover to the instrument panel.
  9. Align snap clip retainers on the steering column opening cover with the receptacles in the instrument panel.
  10. Press firmly on the steering column opening cover over the snap clip locations until each of the snap clips fully engaged in its receptacle.
  11. Install and tighten the three screws that secure the lower edge of the steering column opening cover to the lower instrument panel reinforcement. Tighten the screws to 2.2 N*m (20 in. lbs.).

The other possibility:---
When you turn the wheel to the right it squealing/squeaky and when you turned it to the left it gets louder. It turns out to be wheel bearing.
Jack up the truck, grabe the tire from the top and bottom and move it up and down. If there is play or the axel shaft moves with the tire, you got a bad wheel bearing.

Not in all but in some cases:---
squeaking noise you are hearing is caused by a plastic cosmetics around the steering column, as you are turning your steering wheel with one hand take your other hand and see if you can move the plastic cosmetics to see if the squeaking sound goes away also try to re-adjust tilt steering wheel,If in case its loose.