Sunday, May 5, 2013

1999 JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE: Clicking Sound From Rear Wheel

Rear Wheels Make Clicking Sound When Brake Pedal Is Released

Rear Wheel Noise Problem:

1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee ,while releasing brake pedal clicking sound is heard from rear wheels.
It seems like brake pads are hanging on the rotors for few seconds while starting again.
The clicking noise problem is not heard if i shift car in neutral then back in drive.



It's possible that the pads aren't fully releasing right away.

It's not uncommon for brake dust or corrosion to develop on the slides where the brake pads rest and it will prevent them from releasing correctly. When doing a brake job these areas should be cleaned back to shiny bare metal and then some silicone brake grease applied. If this wasn't already done it's something that should be looked into. Silicone brake grease is easily available at local auto parts stores.


It could also be a caliper issue. If one or both of the caliper pistons are sticking and not releasing fully or quick enough then it will cause the pads to drag the rotors and can make the noise.


The clicking sound was from the wheels which leaves little besides brakes. The only other thing would be the axle bearings which shouldn't make this type of noise unless they are dry because of low fluid, and it wouldn't take long for them to fail.

The emergency brake shoes could be broken but that's something that I would have expected you to notice when the rotors were off doing the brakes.

Is the noise not actually coming from the wheels?
If the noise comes from the wheels it can only be brake related or coming from the axle bearings. If there is no growling noise and the fluid is full it's pretty unlikely to be axle bearings. If applying the brakes is what causes it to happen then it's almost surely a brake issue.


If  the issue is not brake related and not coming from the wheels.

In that case the most common possibilities:

  • It could be a U joint, in which case you would also expect throttle sensitive driveline vibration.

  • It could be an internal problem in the differential. Bearings seem to be ok if there is no growl, but there could be a differential clutch issue, spider or side gear issue, or gear issue.(Make Sure you confirm the growling noise).
  • It could be in the transfer case but then the noise would be coming from directly under the vehicle rather than in the rear.
  • It could be suspension related. If the upper ball joint is loose or the lower control arm bushings are loose then the differential is going to shift each time you apply power to take off.

This details will help.