Friday, May 11, 2012

2005 Lexus RX330:Engine Warning Light and VSC Lights is ON?

First of all See if the Performance of the Vehicle is fine or not.
What problem you are noticing while starting and while diving the vehicle.

I am Asking this question because,there are many other Lexus Vehicle users Facing this same Issue.

This 2 warning lights the Check engine light and VSC light comes up but the vehicle is driving fine.

NOW if the vehicle runs fine. Then 90% of  time when the check engine light illuminates it is related to in emissions error or malfunction. By default the vehicle skid control(VSC)  light is illuminated to stop that system from working until the problem that set the code in the engine control computer is repaired.
The Codes mostly for Emission system related are P0446 ,P0441 ,P0455.
These codes are in fact emissions related failures. The primary code here is the P0455 code. This means there is a gross leak in the evaporative control system. The most common denominator is usually related to the gas cap being loose. Check the gas cap seal and make sure it's not hard and is still soft so that when you tighten the cap ,You can feel the seal squash just before it clicks and becomes tight. Make sure there is no rust and corrosion where the seal contacts the filler neck. If you want to clear the code you need to remove the negative battery cable to erase the memory in the computer. If the idle seems a bit low you will need to clean the throttle body on this drive by wire system for the idle to re-correct itself. The code will eventually clear itself if the gas cap was in fact where the leak was that. The other two codes are normally set by default whenever there is a gross leak.

If you recently filled the GAS Tank and the GAS CAP is checked ok.
Then the System will automatically get reset.

It takes few drive cycles or trips to reset. But this is dependent on the ambient air temperature and the engine coolant temperature. There has to be differential split any cannot be too cold. There's no set pattern it all depends on the temperature criteria and differentials for it to run the test. I would inspect the filler neck and the seal on the gas cap make sure that as you tighten it down you can feel some squash or resistance before it clicks. If that checks okay and you can clear the code if it continues to come back and you are certain it is not the gas cap you need to do a pressure test on the system see where is leaking from.

This details will help.

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