Friday, May 11, 2012

2008 Toyota Tundra: 4x4 Wheel Drive Light is Flashing?

4WD light is Flashing.In such cases you will also see the VSc warning light coming ON,And also in some cases ABS light too comes ON.

The common issiue for the four-wheel drive light to be flashing is usually related to tire size difference from front to rear. This can be caused by lack of rotation or lack of four-wheel drive usage on a consistent basis to wear the tires unevenly front to rear. The four-wheel drive light flashes because the system has not met the requirements necessary to engage four-wheel drive. It can be due to binding in the transfer case or in the front differential automatic disconnecting assembly. There have been several issues with the actuator that is bolted to the back of the transfer case sticking and binding due to infrequent use. My recommendation would be to put the vehicle on the lift or get all four wheels off the ground. Meet the requirements necessary to engage four-wheel drive. Once you get the transfer case functioning work the actuator into four-wheel drive and out of four-wheel drive several times to work the mechanisms and the drive motor assembly. Once that is working normally engage four-wheel drive low so that the portion of the actuator gets used and works properly. If you do not use the four-wheel drive low often enough that section of the drive motor in the actuator can bind and freeze due to lack of use. The vehicle skid control (VSC)  light more than likely is coming on by default due to the malfunction before drive system.

The ABS light comes on by default with the vehicle skid control light. If there is a malfunction in the ABS system due to a bad wheel speed sensor this could affect four-wheel drive engaged in operations.

To Retrieve the error codes stored in ABS control module,the procedure is as follows:---

You can use the jumper wire in the DLC connector under the left side instrument panel.
Once the jumper wires installed in be careful that you do not spread the terminals apart otherwise a scan tool not read correctly. Turn the key to the on position and monitor the ABS and VSC lights. They will flash a pattern of flashes. For example a code 31 would flash thrice a slight pause then one flash. If there other codes they will follow. If by jumping this wire you get no reaction then this year does not use that option.

This details will help.

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