Thursday, May 10, 2012

2008 Toyota Highlander: ABS warning light Blinking and OBD Error codes Coming?

In this cases you will see ON dash warning lights blinking or Coming ON steady.
The abs light, brake light and the triangle light with a danger sign.

And You get C Series Error codes when scanned.
C1203, C1210, C1336, C1345, C11368, C1392.

The Scan has to be done by Toyota Scan Tool,to get proper and complete list of error codes.

This normally means there is a problem in the ABS system. Typically the weakest link is the Wheel speed sensors. 

This codes all point to an issue with the calibration and initialization of the YAW rate sensor and the linear solenoids in the abs/vsc actuator. To reset this take a scan tool and allot of patience. If it will not re initialize then you are looking at a problem with the Actuator itself.

Actuator is the device that controls the ABS and VSC functions to apply the necessary hydraulic pressures to the 4 wheels.
It is called a brake actuator. And the Retail price of Actuator is $2450.

To Calibrate Actuator you will need Toyota Scan tool.It cannot be done by Normal Aftermarket Scan Tools.

To Calibrate the Actuator try the ZERO point Calibration procedure.
If the Calibration is not getting completed and same error codes are coming up again n again then its faulty Actuator.

C1345/66 Error Code indicates 
Linear Solenoid Valve Offset Learning Undone
The system ie the linear solenoid needs to be reinitialized by Toyota Scan tool.

This details will help.
This Repair needs proper professional Knowledge and Preferred scan tool.
Otherwise has to be done by Professionals or at dealership.


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