Thursday, May 10, 2012

2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid: OBD Codes P3190 and P0AOF?

Mostly in such cases you see dash Warning lights Coming ON.
The warning lights like  "Check VSR System", "Check the Hybrid System"  "Brake" red signal warning light ON, Warning light to  Check ABS etc etc.

As per Error codes details provided in states that ............

The p3190 means there was a loss of power from the engine.
 The P0A0F means the HV computer detected an abnormal signal from the engine. There are 4 sub INFO codes that code be set. This code be anything from bad fuel or run out of fuel to an issue with something in the sensor or inputs to make the engine run. If you cycle the key off then restart or READY on and then press the accelerator to the floor to force the engine to start and it does start and run this may be a fuel related issue.

If you have recently changed the Fuel or gt the fuel tank filled,then may be that fuel is dirty or dusty.

Drain the fuel and put some additives in the tank to counter act the bad fuel residue. When ever the master warning light comes on. It shuts the system down. It will not allow another restart attempt until the key or start button is cycled off and on. If you do not do this to attempt another engine start it will run the HV battery down then you are stuck.

To cycle off the key or start button,Simply Put your foot on the brake and push the start button then push the accelerator. If it will not ready on and the engine does not start then the car will need towed.

But if in case the Battery is Down,then Please Note that HV battery needs to be recharged.The voltage is 12 volts.Dont use another normal battery,this model only uses HV batteries and not the normal batteries.

The Hv battery shuts down to protect from an over drain but you need to get the fuel cleaned out and get the engine started again to recharge the HV battery.

Dirty fuel many a times gets stuck at spark plugs or at fuel injection rails.

You need to pull the spark plugs and see if there contaminated and disconnect the fuel injection rail clean the residual fuel out of the lines by activating the fuel pump and flushing good fuel through the lines up to the rail.

Hit the start button to attempt a start and this will turn the pump on. Just make sure the raw fuel is captured safely at the line to the injector rail.

This details will help.

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