Sunday, September 29, 2013

Temperature gauge will go up to hot

Vehicles Temperature needle gets to hot mark very quickly

First thing here is " Do you really notice engine overheating?'
Or its just the temperature needle getting to hot and engine is normal to run.

On that case the temperature unit needs to be inspected.

The most common possibilities for such  problems are:---

  • Low coolant.Check the level of coolant.
  • Electric cooling fan not working.Faulty fan motor.Or fan motor wire cut in between.
  • A bad radiator fan switch.
  • Thermostat not opening.
  • A worn out waterpump.
  • Fan belt is broken.
  • Radiator clogged and needs cleaning or replacement.

May be its worn out thermostat or issue with water pump.

If the engine is really getting overheat so quickly then the problem lies with faulty headgasket.

Or clog in radiator itself.

The first thing to do is to make sure the colling fan runs when the engine temp is above 222 F with the a/c off. The engine control module (ECM) controls the relay for the fan. When the temp exceeds 222 f then the fan is commanded on until the engine temp decrease below 212 f. If the fan is not coming on then that would be a problem to check into first. The ECM also commands the engine cooling fan on when the a/c is on and vehicle speed is below 70 mph. So if the cooling fan comes on when the a/c is on but not when idling then we need to look at the engine coolant temp sensor input, or possibly the ECM itself. If the engine has a cylinder head gasket failure usually they do just the opposite, run hot at highway speeds and cool down at idle.
Also it can be faulty fan motor assembly or fan motor wires are cut and not letting fan to come on.

If waterpump and thermostat are already replaced and still you notice the problem then,When you installed the thermostat and water pump did you bleed the cooling system of air. When you do any kind of work on the cooling system air gets in it and must be bled out. Another thing can be problem with  lower intake gasket leaking which could cause an over heating condition. There is a coolant bypass line that bolts on top of the water pump at the top is a bleeder screw you can warm up the vehicle and open then close until coolant flows out it. Some times the air pocket can be very stubborn to get out.

This will help.