Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dodge ram ecm connector no start


ECM is vehicles brain.That controls the electrical system of vehicle.It also excepts the signals from sensors and commands the electrical parts to operate at their respective time period.This is how your vehicle starts and stops.

05 dodge ram 3500 5.9 diesel no gauges,no start,no communication with ecm with the key on i can unplug the blue connector to ipm or the c1 connector of pcm then plug back in and everything will power up and work fine until key is turned off for a short period of time then it wont power up until one of the connectors is unplugged i have checked power and grounds to and from ign switch,ipm,ecm everything seems to be in order. when i have no power i have no 5v ref on c2-33,c1-41,c1-54,c1-27 but then i have battery voltage on c2-23,c1-25.

Try this solution:
Disconnect the electronic fan clutch connector and check if ECM response returns and the engine starts. Replace the fan clutch assembly if normal operation returns with the fan clutch disconnected.

i tried it three times works every time thanks a million.

dodge ram 5.9 turn over but wont start new wires an plugs new stater and crank sensor new ecm and coil.

When you turn the ignition to the run position can you hear the fuel pump in the fuel tank run for a couple of seconds and then turn off?

that tells me that the PCM is powering up and is probably ok. Now have you checked for spark at one of the spark plugs while cranking the engine.

With the test light test the voltage at coli.
let's see if you are getting the 12 volt feed to the coil from the ASD relay. Disconnect the coil 2 way connector, ground the test lead clip to a good ground and then probe both terminals in the connector while some one else turns on the ignition. The light should power up for a couple of seconds and then go off. You should see this on one of the terminals.

I want to see if the PCM is seeing the crank and cam sensor signals when the engine is cranking. Do the test for ASD voltage at the coil connector again (test light clip on negative, and probe in the green/orange wire) you said that you did get power there for a couple of seconds after turning on the ignition. Now check that while cranking the engine. The light should come back on if the PCM sees a valid cam and crank signal.

If no light is coming this tells me the PCM for some reason is not seeing a cam and/or crank sensor signal, or the signals are out of sync (timing chain jumped). Let's try this: Crank the engine for at least 15 seconds and then check codes If the crank or cam sensor is not sending a signal then the PCM should  set a code. 


boosted the dodge ram diesel 6 speed ,then thinking is would check the alternator i disconnected the battery's it stop and wont start at all. all it does is blow fuse 42 PCM.

Exact Color of the wire is red.its a 30 amp fuse.

Fuse 42 feeds the solid red wire leaving the TIPM at pin 1 of connector 3 and goes straight to the ECM. If the fuse is blowing but doesn't blow with this wire removed then it's either shorted to ground or the ECM has failed. All you'll need to do is unplug the ECM and reinstall the wire to the TIPM connector, if the fuse doesn't blow then you know the problem is in the ECM and it will need to be replaced. Removing the battery cable with the engine running would have created a voltage spike from the charging system and would be expected to cause modules to fail, so I expect that the ECM is going to be the problem and not the wiring.
Please note ECM is called as car's computer module.

The ECM is the large square module mounted to the left side of the engine block. It has two 60-way electrical connectors that are bolted on. Just unplug these two connectors, make sure the wire is installed back in the TIPM connector, throw in a new fuse and see if it blows.

A new ECM will run about $1,760 at a dealer, cheaper if you can find an aftermarket re-manufactured unit through a parts store. You could install it, once it's installed then it will need to be programmed with a dealer scan tool before the truck will run.
This will help.

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