Sunday, September 29, 2013

Climate control will not turn OFF

Buick LeSabre Climate control will not turn OFF

When the blower motor will not shut off, even with the ignition off and/or only works on the highest setting, this is most commonly a sign of a faulty Blower Motor Control Module. It's located under the hood, towards the rear of the engine compartment, mounted to the blower motor housing (see image below). Inspect the wire harness and electrical connector for any loose, broken, melted or damaged wires. If the visual inspection checks ok, suspect a faulty Module.

Buick blower motor module

Other possibility can be faulty relay:---

If the relay is your problem with the fan staying on it is located here:

HVAC module for buick

The two on the right are the cooling fan relays

The wiring diagram the fan motors is below

1995 buick fan motor wiring diagram

For the manual system pull the blower motor relay and see if that turns the fan off. If it does replace that one. The relay is about $13 list but it will be less at a parts store.

If you have levers it is manual if you have a display you set to a temperature and the system keeps that temp it is automatic.

Here is the correct diagram for a manual system

Climate control fan wiring diagram

There is a relay on your system that will shut off the blower but that is not the problem. The component that failed is the blower power module which is located here next to the blower motor on the firewall:

blower motor module

buick blower motor controlling module

It is $124 at Advance auto parts

This is the speed controller for the blower motor. First check the 10A red fuse (#11) in the underdash relay panel on the passenger side for the blower motor that is located here.

If fuse 11 is good or if you replace it and the fan continues to malfunction you will have to replace the blower power module.

buick relay diagram

This details will help.