Sunday, September 29, 2013

Truck Window Will Not Roll Up

Power Window Will Not Go Up

The automatic window on our  truck rolled down but will not roll up

Power Window not moving up has many possible issues:---

First make sure that the fuses and relays are all OK. Next to check whether other windows move up-down. If they do then the problem is with that particular window only.
Possibilities are:---

1) Jammed Motor.
A jammed motor can sometimes be enticed to work by holding the window switch in the up mode while slamming the door. 

2) A Dirty Window control switch.
To confirm this you will have to take the door panel off and check to see what is binding the lift mechanism. Many such motors have a thermal cutout when they cant close the window they tend to overheat and then disconnect - cutout. It may be that it is opened.

Also try cleaning the switch connections with some CONTACT cleaner or tuner cleaner from Radio shack or somewhere and spray INTO the switches while moving the switches.

3) Pinched or Cut Wires.
It is also possible that one of the control wires fell off .Or wires got pinched and cut while open -close movement of door.

Try these:---

With the switch pressed for the window to go up, can you hear the window motor running?

If no then,it sounds like a switch problem, the powers and grounds run through the master switch to the other door switches, if one of the switches goes bad your concern will happen, the rear door switch is the same as the passenger door switch, so you can swap out the switch and put the window up.the trim covers just pull up and they will pop off, If by chance the switch is not the problem, take a rubber mallet and smack the bottom of the door about center while pressing the switch for the window to go up, sometimes the window motor will get stuck in a position and it needs to be jarred loose.

On such problems the most common failure for the drivers window is the main window switch. Try lifting the window switch really hard and see if the window goes up. If it does then you most likely need a master window switch. 

If the window does not go up by pressing the window switch up hard, then the door panel would need to be removed and voltage would need to be checked at the power window motor, then also inspect window regulator to see if the cable is not broken or guide is damaged.

If the window switch is already replaced and still the power window will not roll up then,its suggested verify power to the switch , use a multi meter if you have one. The master switch gets power at the LB/BK wire. If there is power check for a good ground at the black wire. You can overlay the ground , run a wire to good ground and stick it into the master switch at the black wire spot. Like back probing the ground side of the switch. You may have a broken ground wire in the harness where it flexes in the door jam.

Ok What if Driver side Window Is Working But Passenger Side Window Not Working?

First try and check this:

Will it not go up at all? Or just automatically? Does it make any noise when you hit the up switch.

If no movement and no noise is heard then,get in the truck, key on, engine off and close the doors. Now turn on the interior lights and see if the lights slightly dim when you hit the up button. If so you have a bad window motor in that door and will need to replace it.

This will help.