Monday, April 22, 2013

2004 dodge caravan has front end vibration

Dodge Van Makes Vibrating Noise

Car Problem: 2004 dodge caravan. At stop light or while driving, engine on ,in drive, foot on brakes, van has a vibration from front area, like engine, trans area, passenger side. 
But if dodge van is shifted into neutral, noise goes away.It is only present when van is in gear, foot on brake. 

Car Expert Says:

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First The Most Common Possibilities:

  • If it's coming from the right front then it's going to be from an engine driven accessory. 
  • With it happening in gear only or possibly worse in gear, 
This indicates that it's locked up overrunning clutch on the alternator.Please check and confirm that first.

As Per My Car Repair Experiences:

If it's coming from the right front then it's going to be from an engine driven accessory. With it happening in gear only or possibly worse in gear, I believe you have a locked up overrunning clutch on the alternator.

Its common problem on these vans and is something I have repaired several times. 
I will explain you the troubleshooting in detail:

Inside the alternator pulley is an overrunning clutch and these have shown problems with failing and locking up. When they do lock up then it will cause the belt to flutter at idle and in gear because of the load placed on the crankshaft.This is what you are noticing and that's what causing the vibration. 

How To start inspecting this Problem?

Here i will explain you about inspecting your car problem:
If you look at the belt and tensioner while the noise is occurring you should see them both fluttering along with the noise/vibration. You may have to look from the bottom with the splash shield off.

Any recommendation or suggestion before i look into the problem?

What I would highly recommend is checking the overrunning clutch for signs of failure. There is a plastic cap on the end of the pulley which can be clipped off. Pop the cap off and check for signs of rust dust. If any is found then the clutch has failed.

But What's the other possibility if Clutch seems OK?

If absolutely nothing can be seen then the belt can be taken off and then the alternator spun by hand. Spin it clockwise but don't let go of the pulley, just after spinning it clockwise then promptly reverse direction and try to spin it counterclockwise. You should be able to spin it counterclockwise and feel that the alternator's shaft is still turning clockwise. 
If you are unable to spin the pulley counterclockwise while the shaft is spinning clockwise then the clutch has locked up and the pulley will need to be changed.

This details will help.