Monday, April 22, 2013

2002 jeep wrangler ignition cylinder with the ignition switch

Jeep Wrangler Ignition Switch Design

Help broken ignition switch on jeep wrangler 

jeep ignition switch

This type of ignition switch assembly design was used on many Chrysler products where the ignition switch is on one side of the column and the lock cylinder is on the other. These have been troublesome and often end up breaking at the ignition switch end, which indicates is where yours is broken.

As  dealing with car parts and car repairs since long i am aware that originally the actuator pin was only serviced with the steering column, but within the last couple years it has become available through Chrysler on different vehicles.

As i can recollect that I just replaced one on a PT Cruiser a couple weeks ago.But Chrysler does not have a repair kit available for the Wrangler and are still servicing it as a complete steering column, which is a very bad option.

But one good thing is Dorman does supply a repair kit for your column luckily. It's about 1/3 of the price that it would cost if it was actually available through Chrysler, and it's about 40 times less than replacing the column.Its easily available through any parts store or many online sources. Most of my local parts stores are carrying these parts.

To replace this part the simple procedure is as follows:----

The lock cylinder and ignition switch are removed and then the lower housing is removed from the steering column. Once this suggested parts are removed you will notice some Torx screws on the bottom that hold the housing the column, these will come off and the housing is removed to expose the part you need to replace.

Assemble all parts correctly to make it work.
For Step By Step Procedure:

jeep wrangler ignition switch removal

This details will help.