Thursday, April 4, 2013

Chrysler Voyager Will Not Start,Dashboard Dead,Headlights ON,Glow Plugs Not Working

Multiple Electrical Problem ON Chrysler 

I have a Chrysler Voyager 2002 2.5 diesel. Just wanted to start the car in the morning but it wont start. Whole dashboard is dead, glow plugs doesn't work, headlight is on and can not turn off, fuel pump sound working, but the car wont start. When the ignition key is in start position every lamp is light on the dashboard. Any ideas?

Vehicle Details:
Make: Chrysler
Model: Voyager
Year: 2002
Engine: 2.3

Expert's Reply To This Problem:

It appears your problem may be fairly complicated and it's definitely going to take some electrical testing to determine what is going on. 

There are quite a few possibilities for the issues you are having. If the problem was simply a no start issue I would suspect an ECM related issue, but if all the warning lights are coming on then it sounds like you could either have a communication issue or loss of power feeds to multiple modules. Either way if the instrument cluster isn't communicating with a module it will turn on the appropriate warning light. 

If it's a communication issue it could be a problem with any of the modules or a wiring issue. The modules all communicate on a dedicated wire and if the wire shorts to power, ground or another circuit it will prevent communication.

It may be a widespread loss of power to different modules and circuits because of a bad ignition switch, body control module, power distribution center, or it could be a wiring issue.

The first thing I would do is use a capable scan tool to see if communication is possible with all modules, and see what fault codes are stored if communication actually is possible.