Saturday, September 24, 2011

how to replace passenger side power window motor on 2001 Dodge van

The procedure is as below,

first the door panel needs to be removed:---

It is essential to remove the door access panel of the vehicle to begin to replace the power window motor. A door panel is primarily made of plastic. You must remove all plastic parts, the casing around the door handle, and the screw hole covers.

NEXT the switch panel has to be removed:---

This panel is located below the switch for the operation of the power window. To remove the panel, a small pry bar is used to gently pry the panel up. Gentle force is best since breaking of the panel will result in having to buy the panel, which can be very costly. There is a special small pry bar tool that can be bought to remove the panel more efficiently.
After the panel is removed, the safety connector needs to be released.
The main door panel needs to be removed next. There are mounting bolts and/or screws that connect the door panel to the door. These need to be removed. Great care needs to be exercised to be sure not to break the plastic push style fasteners. After removing all the bolts, screws, and fasteners, gently pull up and out on the door panel.
After removing the door panel, there may be a weather and sound insulator attached to the door. This insulator looks like a thick piece of plastic. The insulator needs to be pulled back or removed to expose the inner workings of the door.
The next step is to secure the window. The best way to secure the window is to use masking tape. Not securing the window for the removal of the window motor and regulator could result in the window slipping, sliding down, and causing serious injury or damage
The next step in the process is to remove the window mounting and regulator mounting bolts. There should be one window mounting bolt, located about 5 inches downward from the back side of the window. There are two window regulator bolts located about 5 inches apart and diagonal from the window mounting bolt.

Since the bolts have now been removed, the regulator should be easily removed. The window regulator consists of the window regulator rail and the regulator cable. The power window motor is attached to the regulator rail.

  1. Remove the plug and remove screw attaching door pull cup to inner door panel.
  2. Remove switch bezel and disconnect power window/memory switch.
  3. Remove screws attaching trim panel to door from below map pocket.
  4. If equipped, remove window crank.
  5. Remove screw holding door trim to door panel from behind inside latch release handle .
  6. Disengage clips attaching door trim to door frame around perimeter of panel.
  7. Lift trim panel upward to disengage flange from inner belt molding at top of door.
  8. Tilt top of trim panel away from door to gain access to latch linkage.
  9. Disengage clip attaching linkage rod to inside latch release handle
  10. Separate linkage rod from latch handle.
  11. Disconnect the power door switch, courtesy lamp electrical connectors.
  12. Remove front door trim panel from vehicle.


  1. Remove the watershield
  2. Remove door glass retaining clips and secure the window in the up position using masking tape or equivalent
  3. Disconnect wire connector from power window motor, if equipped.
  4. Loosen screws attaching front and rear window guide rails to inner door panel
  5. Remove screw heads on guide rails from key hole slots in inner door panel.
  6. Loosen screws attaching regulator to inner door panel.
  7. Remove regulator from inner door panel.
  8. Extract rear guide rail through inner door panel rear access hole
  9. Extract front guide rail through front access hole.

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