Saturday, January 8, 2011

VW 2000 TDI,1.9l timing belt and cam setting.

How To Set Timing Belt And Cam Setting On Volkswagen

Removing old timing belt  and setting new timing belt

1.9L VW Diesel Engine

Tools required:
A flat bar, VW tool 2065A is used to secure the camshaft in position. 
A pin, VW tool 2064 is used to fix the pump position while the timing belt is removed. 

IMP NOTE: The camshaft and pump work against spring pressure and will move out of position when the timing belt is removed. It is not difficult to find substitutes but do not remove the timing belt without these tools.


Do not turn the engine or camshaft with the timing belt removed. The pistons will contact the valves and cause internal engine damage.

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable and remove the accessory drive belts, crankshaft pulley and the timing belt cover(s). 
  2. Remove the camshaft cover and rubber plug at the back end of the camshaft.
  3. Temporarily reinstall the crankshaft pulley bolt and turn the crankshaft to Top Dead Center (TDC) of No. 1 piston. The mark on the camshaft sprocket should be aligned with the mark on the inner timing belt cover or the edge of the cylinder head.Make sure you dont clean or rub off the alignment marks.
  4. With the engine at TDC, insert the bar into the slot at the back of the camshaft. The bar rests on the cylinder head to will hold the camshaft in position.
  5. Insert the pin into the injection pump drive sprocket to hold the pump in position.
  6. Loosen the locknut on the tensioner pulley and turn the tensioner counterclockwise to relieve the tension on the timing belt. Slide the timing belt from the sprockets.

    VW timing belt TDC setting

    Fig. Use the VW tool to lock the camshaft at TDC for timing belt replacement-Volkswagen 1.9L Diesel engines

    Volkswagen Injection pump locking

    Fig. Locking the injection pump with the VW tool as shown-Volkswagen 1.9L Diesel engines

Installing New Timing belt For VW 1.9L Engine:
  1. Install the new timing belt and adjust the tension so the belt can be twisted 45 degrees at the halfway point between the camshaft and pump sprockets. Tighten the tensioner nut to 33 ft. lbs. (45 Nm).
  2. Remove the holding tools.
  3. Turn the engine 2 full revolutions to return to TDC for the No. 1 cylinder. Recheck belt tension and timing mark alignment, readjust as required.
  4. Install the belt cover and accessory drive belts.

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