Friday, July 9, 2010

1996 Saturn SC1 spark plug connections?

Saturn Spark Plug Firing Order:

Saturn timing specifications, the internal firing order for the Saturn 1.9L motor, both Single overhead cam, or Twin cam is as follows:
Left to right 1-3-4-2

For routing spark plug wires, the order of wires from the coils to the engine, is as follows:
Left to right 4-1-2-3

The plugs are numbered left to right as you look at the engine 1,2,3,4. The coil towers are numbered from your left to right as you look at them 4,1,2,3.
Connect the wire correctly from 1 to 1.
Also for help  there is a label on the radiator support with a diagram on it that shows this also. You should have a spark plug wire clip or 2 and the #4 and #1 wires must run next to each other from the coil to the head area.

Check Spark Plug Diagram Shown Below:

1996 Spark Plug Connection Diagram

Spark plug gap settings:

Saturn dealers, and Saturn themselves, all recommend the 0.060 inch (1.5 mm) specified gap should be 0.040 inch (1.0 mm) to avoid performance and driveability problems.

NOTE: Saturn recommends the original spark plugs should not be re-gapped — new spark plugs (P/N 21024004 - SOHC engine, or P/N 21024005 - DOHC engine) should be installed with gaps set to 0.40 inch (1.0mm).

Problems Related To Spark plug Gap:
If spark plug gaps on a Saturn (or any engine) are too large, performance and driveability problems, including hard starting, an engine miss and/or hesitation under load, will occur and appear similar to problems caused by badly worn high-mileage spark plugs.