Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The printer spooler service not running message on pc screen

Question:-- The printer spooler service not running message on pc screen?
Answer:-- Ok if anyone cannot print or install a printer because it says The print spooler service is not running then follow these easy steps to get the service running as follows:--

1)click start
2)then control panel
3)then administrative Tools
4)then Services
5)then scroll down to print spooler
6)then right click it
7)then click properties
8)make sure you are on the general tab
9)then go down to startup type and make sure its on automatic
10)then hit apply
11)then click the start button under the service status
12)apply again
13)hit OK. 
now exit all of the services and administrative tools and go to where your printer and faxes  are located and now try to install a printer or try to print.This will help.

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